to get every child in Leicester reading!
Improve specific intervention


Please click the links below to get a complete evaluation of the project the schools had received funding for that has improved specific intervention, as well as their advice for schools contemplating similar projects:


Avenue Primary School

Parental Engagement

Targeting parents to encourage the love of reading within the whole school and the wider community.

"Children's enthusiasm for reading has improved and they wanted to read and share about what they have read more"


 Babington Community College

Read, Write Inc. in Secondary

Target nuture groups, specifically EAL, delayed reading acquisition and SEN with a SLCD difficulty, all those with a reading age between 5.0-8.0, take part in a RWI programmes to improve their reading ages.

"Students make better than average progress with their social communication and confidence with reading"


Belgrave St Peter's C of E Primary School

Read, Write Inc. Spelling

Read Write Inc. Spelling is a programme for children in Y2-Y7 to ensure every child is spelling effortlessly. Each class engages with an activity which lasts approximately 15-20 minutes.

"Compared to our other spelling programme, we feel more confident that our children are more likely to remember the spelling patterns that are taught within their year group"


Crown Hills Community College

Interventions to support the accelerated progress of identified vulnerable target groups/ individuals in Foundation Stage

A variety of projects were attempted this year with a view to widening participation amongst students. For example a lunchtime book blub for students in Y7-10 where students took turns to lead discussions on reviews.

"Within the book club, leaders of literacy have had a positive impact on other students by recommending short-reads and accessible books to overcome any stigma attached to reading"


Glebelands Primary School


The Lexia intervention is aimmed at children who need additional reading and spelling support.

"Based on our results, our morning group showed an average increase in reading age of +4.3 months during a 2 month period and the afternoon group showed an average increase in reading age of +8 months"


Holy Cross Catholic School

Reading Recovery- Year 2 Support

Targeting the children in Y2 with no previously been able to have reading recovery.

"The project has a good impact on progress with children making between 10-12 months progress during the Autumn term"


Inglehurst Junior School

Use of PM books to develop children's ability to read with comprehension
The programme was initiated having identified that approximately 1/3 of pupils in each year group had significant disparity between their reading accuracy and reading comprehension skills.

"We chose the PM scheme of books supports this area of development as it offers a gradual, finely levelled system of texts and opportunities for reading comprehension development"


The Lancaster Academy

Yr8 Lunchtime Bookclub

Targeted Y8 pupils who were of high ability yet underachieving in consideration to their expected grade and were invited to attend weekly book-club during lunchtime.

"Pupils widen their reading material choice by reading a novel they possibly wouldn't have considered reading before"


Mayflower Primary School

Reciprocal Reading and Guided Reading

Aims include improving the level of reading ability and increasing the standard of teaching and learning of reading strategies using the reciprocal reading scheme in guided reading.

"Last year's phonics screening results showed a marked increase in the amount of children who passed"


Dovelands Primary School

Reciprocal Reading

The programme focuses on linking De Bono's Thinking Hats to Reciprocal Reading.

"Very beneficial to pupils who can read but struggle to understand...only read plot events not the details within the writing...lack confidence when reading new and unfamiliar text..."etc.


Eyres Monsell Primary School

Interventions to support the accelerated progress of vulnerable target groups/individuals in Foundation stage

One of the aims of the project is to build up reading miles in Foundation stage and ensure that pupils enter Y1 on track.

"Pupils are given the skills and confidence to read and are enthusiastic about reading"

 New College Leicester


Doddle is a form of teaching Literacy across English with the aim of improving Literacy as well as continuously developing knowledge form KS2

"Improvement of literacy and reading ages across KS3 and continuous development of spelling, punctuation and grammar as well as implementation of KS2 cirricullum"



Interventions for Reading

Involves intensive, 1:1, specially designed reading programmes supported and monitored by a trained teacher or Reading Recovery teacher

"8 out of 10 Reading Recovery pupils learn 4 times faster then their classmates. 8 out of 10 Reading Recovery pupils learnt 4 times faster than their class mates. Evidence shows that these children maintain the gains made and achieve average to good scores in national testing"

Sparkenhoe Primary School

Accelerated Reader and Parents Session

Used Accelerated Reader in KS2 and Y2 and encouraged parents to read with their child and take a free book home.

Lead to "An increase in reading miles...Positive impact on comprehension...Increase in children's interest in books" etc.


Stokes wood

Premier Reading Stars

Children take part in different activities which involve reading, linked to football.

"Together with other interventions and quality teaching this supports pupil progress in reading"


The City of Leicester College

Home-School Reading Project

Home School Reading Project is a weekly run structured reading project led by the literacy TA which will be continued at home to develop home/school links.

Outcomes included "Impove[ment to] home-school links" "local library useage by individual students and their families"


Whitehall Primary School

Reading Champions

12 children in Y5 and Y6 were chosen to become Reading Champions to promote enjoyment of reading across the school, with a focus on Y1 and Y2.

"Reading Champions are learning new skills-library organisation and story telling"..."Children in other year groups are enjoying reading the books that were chosen..."


Uplands Infant School

Effective Use of an Intervention Teacher to Close the Gaps in Reading

The project has been focused on improving our reading results by 'closing the gaps' in reading skills to then enable children to be challenged.

"We have found that the expertise of a semi-retired teacher with over 30 years experience of supporting children in this area, ensures this is a high qualitiy intervention"