to get every child in Leicester reading!
Improve the expertise of adults

Please click the links below to get a complete evaluation of the project the schools had received funding helping to improve the expertise of adults as well as their advice for schools contemplating similar projects:


Avenue Primary School

Parental Engagement

Targeting parents to encourage the love of reading within the whole school and the wider community.

"Parents are more aware of how to help their child and the reading strategies we use in school to support them"



Braunstone Frith Primary School

Accelerated Reader into KS1

Aimed at Y2 pupils (and from summer term Y1 pupils) who are secure at Reading Recovery Level 22 or above.

"LAs feel supported and empowered in guiding pupils' book choices and monitoring their reading"


Catherine Junior School

Reading Eggs

Reading Eggs is a website with an online subscription to a wide variety of reading resources, online lessons, games and activities for children of all ages.

"Reading eggs was first introduced to teachers and they were given time to explore what was available on the website. There was a lot of content so this was very beneficial"


Charnwood Primary School

Creative Learning Services Subscription

CLS aims to increase reading miles, both in school and home. Reading related experiences were created through the subscription such as Y5 Creative Writing Workshop and Book talking sessions with Lower Key Stage 2.

"Pupil sessions/ workshops- Teachers benefited through continuing CPD, as all sessions were delieved to them by trained staff from CLS"


Glebelands Primary School


The Lexia intervention is aimmed at children who need additional reading and spelling support.

"We have an assistant who specifically works with these groups. She monitors their progress during the sessions, works 1 to 1 with anyone struggling and can provide additional resources, worksheet etc to further support the child's learning"


Hazel Community Primary School

Securing book match for pupils in Foundation stage and Key Stage 1

A cycle of reading assessments using PM benchmarking was used to monitor progress and ensure correct match of book level to pupil.

"Teachers becoming more confident in assessing reading"..."Running records provide teachers with useful information about what reading strategies their children are using and which need addressing or teaching further"


Mayflower Primary School

Reciprocal Reading and Guided Reading

Aims include imrpvoing the level of reading ability and increasing the standard of teaching and learning of reading strategies using the reciprocal reading scheme in guided reading.

"All teachers have a clear structure to follow for guided reading from F2-Y6. They are more confident and have a clearer understanding of guided reading process"


Rolleston Primary School

Interventions for Reading

Took part in two programmes, Reading recovery and Boosting Reading and Writing Programmes (BRWP) which are both intenstive reading programmes delivered by a trained teacher and/or teaching assistant.

"Teachers become highly skillsed at diagnosing and supporting pupils, with a diverse range of reading and writing difficulties"


Guided Reading Resources

Investment in PM books, PM Comprehension cards and Reciprocal Reading Books

The school have taken up the KTC programme and have adopted shared and guided reading.

"All staff have been on shared and guided reading training led by the KTC"


Sparkenhoe Primary School

Accelerated Reader and Parents Session

Used Accelerated Reader in KS2 and Y2 and encouraged parents to read with their child and take a free book home.

"Parent's session very successful. Parents came in as they dropped their child off and read to them.  A large number of parents came in. Children were excited to read with their parents"


The City of Leicester College

Home-School Reading Project

Home School Reading Project is a weekly run structured reading project led by the literacy TA which will be continued at home to develop home/school links.

Outcomes included "Impove[ment to] home-school links" "local library useage by individual students and their families"


Uplands Infant School

Effective Use of an Intervention Teacher to Close the Gaps in Reading

The project has been focused on improving our reading results by 'closing the gaps' in reading skills to then enable children to be challenged.

"We have found that the expertise of a semi-retired teacher with over 30 years experience of supporting children in this area, ensures this is a high qualitiy intervention"