to get every child in Leicester reading!
Improve the reading culture

Please click the links below to get a complete evaluation of the project the schools had received funding that has helped increase reading miles and language as well as their advice for schools contemplating similar projects:

Alderman and Richard Hallam

The Big Read

Across the school the last 15 minutes of the school day are dedicated to 'The Big Read'

"Children are learning to enjoy books – it is motivating them in their own reading."


Braunstone Frith Primary School

Accelerated Reader into KS1

Aimed at Y2 pupils (and from summer term Y1 pupils) who are secure at Reading Recovery Level 22 or above.

"Pupils not yet on AR are motivated to improve their reading and 'move up' levels because they want to be on AR"


Catherine Junior School

Reading Eggs

Reading Eggs is a website with an online subscription to a wide variety of reading resources, online lessons, games and activities for children of all ages.

"Available on the website: Online Reading books (a wide range of fiction, non-fiction and poetry)... Comprehension lessons (usually include multiple sections such as teaching reading skills, exploring vocabulary, reading a piece of text and comprehension quizzes)... Games and rewards (children can work through various ‘maps’ and collect golden eggs which can be exchanged for new avatars, wallpaper background etc.)"


Charnwood Primary School

Creative Learning Services Subscription

CLS aims to increase reading miles, both in school and home. Reading related experiences were created through the subscription such as Y5 Creative Writing Workshop and Book talking sessions with Lower Key Stage 2.

"...Just finished subscription, initial indications sugges the impact has been positive..."


Crown Hills Community College

Interventions to support the accelerated progress of identified vulnerable target groups/ individuals in Foundation Stage

A variety of projects were attempted this year with a view to widening participation amongst students. For example a lunchtime book blub for students in Y7-10 where students took turns to lead discussions on reviews.

"Within the book club, leaders of literacy have had a positive impact on other students by recommending short-reads and accessible books to overcome any stigma attached to reading"


The Lancaster Academy

Yr8 Lunchtime Bookclub

Targeted Y8 pupils who were of high ability yet underachieving in consideration to their expected grade and were invited to attend weekly book-club during lunchtime.

"Pupils chose and purchase a novel to read and keep promoting reading as a leisure activity."


Merrydale Infant School

Reading for Pleasure

Programme aimed to address the declining interest shown by pupils in reading for pleasure and listening to stories.

"Children clearly look forward to dipping into the book boxes, secure in the knowledge that ALL they had to do was enjoy the story"


Montrose School

Young Readers Programme

Involves a series of 3 visits to the local library for a Y5 group. The children get to borrow books and on the last 2 visits will get a book to keep.

"The children were excited and enthusiastic about visiting the library"


Rowlatts Hill Primary School

Build your own Library 

The programme provides children with three books a hear to address the lack of good quality texts available at home.

"This was our WIT project 2 years ago although we have continued to fund ourselves since due to the impact we believe it has had on our children"



Scraptoft Valley Primary School

Most Improved Reader Book Prizes

Class teachers each nominate two 'Most improved' readers at the end of every teaching module.

"The pupils were excited at the prospect of being chosen and book prizes were valued highly"


Shaftesbury Junior School

Guided Reading resources

The school have taken up the KTC programme and have adopted the Shared and Guided Reading. All staff have been on the shared and guided reading training led by the KTC.

"The children want to read and enjoy reading the range of books provided. We have seen that more children enjoy reading across the school and want to read"


Sir Johnathon North Community College

Reading rocks- Breakfast and Lunchtime Reading Club

Targeting Yr 7 and Yr 8 students with reading ages below 9 yrs and 11 yrs were identified and given Yr 9 and 10 mentors at a reading club taking place twice a week.

"Reading miles have increased for students on the programme, as well as confidence in knowing what books to choose.


Stokes wood

Premier Reading Stars

Children take part in different activities which involve reading, linked to football.

"Together with other interventions and quality teaching this supports pupil progress in reading"


Whitehall Primary School

Reading Champions

12 children in Y5 and Y6 were chosen to become Reading Champions to promote enjoyment of reading across the school, with a focus on Y1 and Y2.

"Reading Champions are learning new skills-library organisation and story telling"..."Children in other year groups are enjoying reading the books that were chosen..."