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Reading Rampage 2017-18 Resources

Selection of resources for Reading Rampage 2017-18


Long List 2017-18

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Introducing the Authors....

Tamsin Winter


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Kwame Alexander - Booked


Daniel Blythe - I Spy


Emily Carroll - Through the Woods


Anna Claybourne - 100 Most Unexplained Mysteries on the Planet


Keren David - The Liar's Handbook


Tommy Donbavand - Annie


Phil Earle - Mind the Gap


T S Easton - Girls Can't Hit


Barry Hutchison - Beaky Malone: World's Greatest Liar


Ross Montgomery - Perijee and Me


Jackie Morris - The White Fox


Andy Mulligan - Liquidator


Christian O'Connell - Radio Boy


Chris Priestley - Flesh and Blood


Ali Sparkes - Thunder Struck


Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell - Free Lance and the Lake of Skulls


Anthony Wacholtz - Can You Survive in a Dystopia?: An Interactive Doomsday Adventure


Dan Walker - Sky Thieves


Judd Winick - HiLo The Boy who Crashed to Earth


Tamsin Winter - Being Miss Nobody