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Reading Rampage 2018-19 Resources

Selection of resources for Reading Rampage 2018-19

Launch Event

Booktalking Notes

Launch Event Presentation

Planning Calendar 2019

Labels (Avery L7161)

Promotional Materials

Leaflet for students

 A4 Poster

 A3 Poster

 Judging Criteria (NEW for 2019)

Judging Criteria - Staff

Judging Criteria - Students

Judging Criteria Bookmark


Reading Rampage Resources 

Reading Rampage Video (Vimeo Uploaded 30th Jan)

Reading Rampage Video with Subtitles (Vimeo Uploaded 30th Jan)

Reading Rampage Recommends

Reading Rampage Book Group Reading Notes

Assembly PowerPoint

Word Searches

Challenges to win prizes....

Challenge 1: We have used 7 books in our video clip (shared again yesterday). Pupils & Staff to enter & win visit & tell us the book & author of the 7 books used

Challenge 2: We love to see what you are reading- why not take and share a reading selfie

Challenge 3: Create a book trailer for one of this year's books & share it with us

Challenge 4: Can you review the books you've read during in 280 characters or less?

Challenge 5: Are you an EXTREME reader? We are challenging pupils & staff to share pics in the strangest & most entertaining locations whilst reading one of this year's books 

Challenge 6: Can you create a new book cover for one of the #ReadingRampageLeicester books? Share your designs with us to win!

Challenge 7: Have you downloaded our Word Searches and completed all 10? Visit to download & then share a pic of your completed word searches.

Challenge 8: Can you create a bookmark based on this year's #ReadingRampageLeicester books? Share your designs with us

Challenge 9: Find out five facts about the #ReadingRampageLeicester book you are reading or have just finished and share the facts with us. These facts could be about the book, author or setting.

Challenge 10: How many of the #ReadingRampageLeicester challenges have you completed?

Introducing the Authors....

Adam Baron - Boy Underwater - selfie

Sita Brahmachari - Zebra Crossing Soul Song - selfie

Andy Briggs - Drone Racer - selfie

Emma Carroll - Secrets of a Sun King - selfie

Jo Cotterill - Jelly - selfie

Ann Evans - A Little Secret - selfie

Mitch Johnson - Kick - selfie

Cas Lester - Do you speak chocolate? - selfie

Karen Moncrieffe - Girl Next Door (Two Sides) - selfie

Ross Welford - What not to do if you turn invisible - selfie