to get every child in Leicester reading!
Ready and Reading

What is it?

Ready and Reading is an intensive reading support programme for pupils. It is offered to primary schools to use with targeted groups of Year 5 and 6 pupils who, specifically because of low reading standards, might struggle in their transition to secondary school. Ready and Reading offers training, resources, funding and support to schools who opt to provide their identified pupils with this intensive approach during the Spring Term (Jan – April). The teaching programmes used currently are Fresh Start which uses a strong phonics-based approach alongside a 1:1 reading coaching methodology.

When does it happen?

Schools are asked to provide the intensive group teaching during the Spring Term (Jan – April). The group teaching commitment requires schools to use Fresh Start as the major literacy teaching input for these pupils and to assign 1 hour per day intensively for around 10 weeks along with a minimum of 15 minutes 1:1 reading coaching per week for the duration of the project.
Training and preparation for the teachers and assistants involved start before Christmas and throughout the period.

Who is it for?

Any primary school can opt into Ready and Reading. It is a programme just for targeted Year 5 and 6 pupils for whom an intensive phonics-based teaching programme might enhance their chances of success as they prepare to move to secondary school. The suggested criteria is that these pupils are likely to leave primary school with reading levels in the range 2b – 3c.

What are the costs to school?

There is no financial cost to the school, in fact participating schools will actually receive a grant of as a nominal contribution to their costs. In addition to the grant the school will receive free access to Fresh Start and 1:1 coaching training for the staff they assign to Ready and Reading plus the school will receive sufficient copies of the Fresh Start materials and resources.

The commitment required from participating schools is that they will make good use of the Ready and Reading offer and fulfil their part properly. The success of Fresh Start and 1:1 coaching for this group of pupils is well established both here in Leicester and nationally, but one of the keys to success is that the programme is followed with fidelity.

What does our school need to do if we want to be involved?

Further communication and invitations to opt into Ready and Reading will be provided later in the autumn term.